Starring: Anita Briem, Belen Blanco, Manu Fullola, Alistair Freeland, Christina Piaget & more.

A bunch of girls at an all girl boarding school are put through Hell by one of the Nuns who runs the
place. She tortures and abuses them mentally and physically. They suffer through the years and
eventually graduate. Many years later with a class reunion they all meet up again. Shortly after the
reunion the girls are being killed off, one by one. Each one in more brutal ways than the previous.
They soon start to realize that it is the evil spirit of the Nun come back to kill the girls. They soon
reveal a secret of what happened to the Nun and how she died, which is the reason she is back to
kill these girls. This was a pretty decent flick, a little slow to begin with, but has a few twists and
cool parts. Worth giving at least one viewing.