Henderson, Nevada's THE PEOPLES WHISKEY have released their debut self titled
album through the Las Vegas, Nevada based Punk Rock label
These guys play a different style of Punk Rock than most of the bands that are on this
THE PEOPLES WHISKEY has Punk at their core, but they add in some elements
of Alternative / Country music as well. Their sound does tend to have a bit of the Seattle
sound, which is where the Alternative music comes into play. There is a bit of that noise /
static Punk Rock sound and it does remind me a little of the first two
NIRVANA albums,
but just a little. The rest of their sound has a bit of the West Coast Southern California
Punk Rock vibe. I can hear some elements of bands from
with early
SUB POP RECORDS sound. The vocals are done in a harsh old school East
Coast Hardcore (New Jersey / Washington D.C. area) Sound mixed with the Seattle
Grunge scene. At times they will throw in some slower more Country sounding stuff that
reminded me a Outlaw Country version of
VIOLENT FEMMES mixed with David Allen
Coe. This is a really weird mix that sounds like it wouldn't work, but it does. They don't
hold themselves to a certain genre, but focus more on writing good music. They feel their
music is a diverse soundtrack to the "drink, fight, have fun" mindset. After one listen, it's
easy to see that they have succeeded. This is a different kind of Punk Rock that gives the
Punk scene some flavoring that it so badly needs! Check them out!