Starring: Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole, Sissy Spacek, Kelly Stables.

I was really looking forward to this sequel because I loved the first film as well as the original
Japanese version & the previews looked really good. In this second part the movie starts out about
the tape again, where if you watch it you get a phone call saying you will die in seven days. Once
they get done dealing with that for about ten minutes the rest of the film focuses on Rachel &
Aidan from the first film. They soon become haunted by Simara again. This time Simara wants to
live again & she is coming for Aidan, Rachel's son. She does what she can to haunt him till she
takes over his body & becomes alive again. There were a few weird parts, but for the most part the
film wasn't scary at all. There were some good special effects at times, but I was kind of let down.
The first was so great, the second was a big disappointing!!!