AFDF (1999)

Starring: Eun-Kyung Shin, Seung-Hyeon Lee, Jin-Yeong Jeong, Chang-Wan Kim & more.

This film is a Japanese horror movie. This is just about exactly the same as
THE RING movie or
the original Japanese version
RINGU. A women finds a mysterious tape & watches it. On the tape
there is all this bizarre & creepy stuff happen. Once she views it, she gets a phone call telling her
she will die in 7 days. Anyone else who views this will get the same treatment. She tries to figure
out the meaning behind the tape & in the process save her own life. This film was pretty creepy
looking. It was a bit slower than the U.S. remake, but it was much darker & freaky looking. If you
don't mind reading subtitles, you should check this out & see where the story originally cam from.
Japanese do it better!!!