Starring: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley, Bill Johnson, Ken Evert & more.

Dennis Hopper is a Texas Ranger who is out for revenge on the Hewitt family because his son was
killed by them in the original films. A local DJ catches them on tape when they were killing two
guys who called the radio station & were still on the air. Then Leatherface & Chop Top head to the
radio station to kill the DJ. They kill her radio partner & kidnap her. They take her back to their
new slaughterhouse that is underneath an abandoned amusement park in the middle of nowhere.
Dennis Hopper goes all psycho on them & fights it out chainsaw to chainsaw. Most sequels really
stink, especially done so many years after the original. I really love this film a lot because it's given
us one of the greatest Horror character ever & that's Chop Top! Leatherface & Chop Top together
make this film a cult classic! If you haven't seen this film it's a must for any Horror fan!