Starring: Val Kilmer, Martha Mallsaac, Aaron Ashmore, Kyle Schmid, Steph Song & more.

A group of young ecology college students are invited to help out an environmentalist in the Arctic.
Once they arrive they realize that something doesn't seem right. They have uncovered the body of a
woolly mammoth that was infested with parasites. The parasites start to thaw and need a new warm
blooded host. The kids are station at the base where they do their experiments. They explore the
place cause no one is around. They find the lab and see a polar bear lying on the table. Once they
investigate they discover the bear is infested as well and they unleash the parasites unto the base
camp. The parasites start to eat away all of the students from the inside out and makes everyone a bit
spastic and crazy. This was a pretty decent film, that had a different kind of take on the killer at
large. This low budget film is better than most big budget films being made today!