Starring: Johnathan Schaech, Venus Terzo, Myron Natwick, Duncan Fraser & more.

This film was part of the first season of the
MASTERS OF HORROR series. The film takes the
history of our first president George Washington, the celebrated father of our country & makes
him out to be a homicidal maniac. The tale follows back through the history of Washingtons
family tree. A new couple moves into a small town & they start noticing strange things
happening. Some people start disappearing & they try to figure out what is happening. The wife
ends up disappearing as well so the husband starts searching for her. He soon discovers that there
is a group of people that call themselves "
THE WASHINGTONIANS". They dress up like
George The film was a bit creepy & had a good twist on an old tale that would shock American
History if found to be true!