Starring: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Christina Contes, Anthony Hopkins & more.

This remake is based on the 1941
UNIVERSAL film of the same name. It takes place in Victorian
England where a town is being ravaged by a werewolf who is attacking and killing the towns folk.
The film follows Lawrence Talbot who returns home to make amends with his father. After helping
to search for the werewolf he gets attacked and bitten. He soon starts to transform into a werewolf
himself. He goes on a killing spree and becomes hunted by the towns folk. As he does more research
he discovers who is the creature who turns him into a werewolf. This is one of the better remakes to
be done in the last few years. The original is a classic and once this one is as old as the original it
will be considered a classic as well.