Self Released

THEATRUM is a Progressive Metal band out of Riga, Latvia. They play a very operatic
style of Progressive Metal. The concept of the band was to form a Metal Opera after a
month or so from creating the song "Theatre Of Lies". The band was formed by guitarist
Vladislav Varslava in collaboration with female singer Inessa Verebe. The combination of
his amazing intricate and heavily technical guitar playing and her angelic, mystical and
powerfully beautiful vocals, they have achieved the Metal opera they were hoping to
create. The music doesn't come of to me as more opera, but more of a dramatic style of
Progressive Metal. The music tends to sound like a combination of the highly talented and
respected vocalist Sarah Brightman mixed with bands like
. The closest band that came to mind for me was THE GATHERING.
This is because of the dark and Gothic overtones mixed with the Prog Metal and the
Operatic parts. Inessa Verbe's vocals really reminded me of Sarah Brightman, Christinna
Scabbia of
LACUNA COIL mixed with Silje Wergeland of THE GATHERING. The
songs are extremely well structured and I like the addition of non traditional instruments to
Metal added into the mix. "DRAPERY" is only three tracks, but is nearly twenty minutes
long, so you do get your money's worth. I enjoy when people do something different with
the Metal genre, which tends to become very stale from time to time.
added a lot of flavor to the genre and let's hope next time out we can get more then three
tunes from this amazing band. If your an open minded Metal head and like some Prog,
Goth and Opera in your Metal, then your gonna love