THE GARDNERZ is a Death / Doom Metal band hailing from Sweden. These guys started
back in 2008 and have released two albums to date. "IT ALL FADES" is the following up to
their "THE SYSTEM OF NATURE" which came out back in 2011. These guys base their
sound in the Death Metal genre, but they do have some heavy Doom Metal influences all
through out their music. The music is really low ended and mid ranged paced Death Metal. I
really dig the heavy grooved out sound they have that is heavily drowned in Doom Metal.
The guitar work at times does have a bit of Thrash Metal styles, especially in the crisper and
cleaner guitar arrangements. They have a thick Sludge Metal sound to the guitars as well. I
am a big fan of Sludge Metal, especially when it is mixed with crushing Death Metal, so I
was really digging these guys a lot. The vocals are done in a thick throaty and groggy Death
Metal growl style, but in a slower more drawn out style, which is where the heavy Doom
Metal comes in again. It's as if you were to merge together
CROWBAR with any Southern
Death Metal band from the 90's. This is only a short release, but it is a very powerful one at
that. If you like your Death Metal infused with some Doom Metal, then your gonna love
THE GARDNERZ! They do a killer cover of DARKTHRONE's "Transilvanian Hunger"