THORNGOTH (which means "the horned enemy" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Eldar language) was
formed back in 2003 in Bad Tolz, Germany. These guys play a very old school style of
Black Metal music. The music definitely has a European Black metal sound all through out.
The music is very cold, harsh & dreary sounding. There are some orchestrated and
atmospheric parts, but they are not in anyway overbearing and over the top like a lot of the
modern Black Metal bands today. There is a very cold and dark vibe that runs through the
majority of their songs as well. It almost has a war or battle like dark ages feel to it and
reminds me of a lot of stuff coming out of Norway, Greece, France & Italy in the early 90's.
The music kept reminding me of early
. The vocals are done in a hallowed Death/Black Metal haunted growl that
has a slight echo on it mixed with some more groggy screaming Black Metal growls. If your
like me &  grew up listening to some of the old school Black Metal bands and your looking
for a band that plays that style now, but sounds like they were there at the beginning stages
of Black Metal, then look no further than
THORNGOTH. These guys deliver the goods!
Cold, harsh, blasphemous Black Metal done right! This is another must for all Black