Self Released

THOUSAND YEAR WAR plays American styled Death Metal with Black Metal
influences. The band started out in Alaska, but now resides in California. The music they
play is a killer old school style of Death Metal that was present in America in the '90's
mixed with some old European Black Metal influences. The Black Metal elements remind
me of the Black Metal that was coming out of Greece, France & Italy in the mid '90's. I like
the raw,kind of unpolished and gritty vibe that their music has running all through out. The
guitars are done in a crusty and crunchy style with some almost Thrash Metal like parts
mixed in. The vocals have a mid ranged Death Metal growl style with some harsher Black
Metal screams as well as some mid ranged throaty Thrash Metal vocals added. There lyrics
are and always will be the expression of misanthropy and hatred for the corporate modern
world. I was digging these guys a lot and feel that with this EP
will establish themselves as a major force in the Metal scene. These guys are like the Death
Metal version of
MOTORHEAD with Black Metal influences. They do a killer cover of
THE MISFITS song "London Dungeon" on here as well. I can't wait to see what
THOUSAND YEAR WAR is going to give us next. Every Metal fan should pick this up,
cause they have a lot to offer fans of all styles of Metal!