The Ukraine has been birthing a lot of great Metal bands of late and THUNDERKRAFT
is defiantly one of them. These guys have been around since the early 2000's and this is
the bands third release to date. The band does set their bands sound around Metal, but
they add in much flavouring and influences to help them stand out from the masses. Their
strong usage of keyboards helps separate their sound a lot as well. The first thing you
feel is the heavy Power Metal elements that come with a huge Epic vibe. As the album
progresses on you can hear many elements present in Black Metal, which is in the very
orchestrated song structures. With the combination of the vocals and keyboards the
strongest elements are the Folk Metal parts. The guitars bring in a very strong
Progressive and Speed Metal sound as well. These guys have combined so many different
Metal genres to create an amazingly huge epic sound. I am a big fan of all forms of
Metal, so I have been listening to this release a lot.
THUNDERKRAFT has become one
of my favorite new bands and everyone should check them out! Truly amazing!!!