Self Released

TITANS EVE is a modern Thrash Metal band hailing from Vancouver Canada. These
guys started back in 2008 and have released four albums since.
TITAN'S EVE is one of
the newer Thrash Metal bands playing a more Modern Thrash Metal style, but they are
also one of the better ones out there in the scene. They have a very progressive and
technical sounding Thrash Metal style. The music will go from a straight on Thrash Metal
aggressive part that has an old school 80's style. This is mostly present in the guitar work,
but also in the rhythm they have in a lot of their songs. The guitar work also has a more
technical sound at times which gives it that more modern Thrash Metal sound. At times
they toss in some Doom / Power Metal aspects as well. The vocals are done in a mid
ranged Thrash / Power Metal type vocals, that go from harsh Thrash to more melodic and
atmospheric Power Metal type vocals.
TITANS EVE is definitely one of the better
Thrash Metal bands out in the scene today and deserve much attention. Every Thrash
Metal fan needs to check these guys out because with each new album they get better and
TITANS EVE will blow up soon and everyone will be talking about them!


                                                                                                    - Reviewed by Burt Wolf