Vancouver, Canada's own TITANS EVE are back with their second full length release
"LIFE APOCALYPSE". These guys play crushing Thrash Metal music that is a non stop
adrenaline rush. They have a more Modern Thrash Metal style, but you can hear influences
of old school Thrash popping out from time to time. The crisp guitar sound adds some
Speed Metal type influences that feel like I am listening to the great
SLAYER. The riffs are
super fast and shredding. The clean guitar work and technical sound like the work of Alex
Skolnick of
TESTAMENT. The grooved out crunchy parts takes me the late 80's era of
EXODUS. Basically, TITANS EVE has a strong Bay Area Thrash Metal sound with more
modern touches. This is the best era of Thrash Metal in my opinion and these guys fit right
in like they were around at that time and playing with these guys.
TITANS EVE is another
great band that should be in every Thrash Metal collection! Thrash on!