Self Released

TO DUST hails from the land that has produced such great bands over the years known as
Sweden. After one listen to "STATE OF NOTHING",
TO DUST will soon be added to
that great list of bands. These guys have been around since 2007 and put out a few demos
over the years. This album is the bands first full length release.
TO DUST plays a style
that is very familiar to this area and that is melodic Death Metal. Their sound has a bit
more flavour added to it though. The music is definitely in the Death Metal range, but they
add in elements of Thrash, Folk, Progressive and Gothic Metal all to round out their sound.
There is a lot of atmosphere and almost symphonic parts through out their songs as well as
a lot of shredding and groove. The grooved out parts is where I could hear a lot of the
Thrash Metal coming in to play with the arrangements. I liked the groove mixed with
atmospheric parts a lot. The guitars would switch back and forth between fast paced
grinding Death Metal to mid ranged grooved out Thrash Metal and then into some intricate
and heavily involved Progressive Metal. The more atmospheric parts is where the Folk
Metal feel would come in. The vocals are done in a mid ranged harsh Death Metal growl,
mixed with some more cleaner Thrash growls & some clean melodic Metal vocals.
is one of the most well rounded & diverse bands I've heard in a long time. Check out
the new wave of great Swedish Metal bands that starts with
TO DUST. These guys can
stand tall and proud next to their fellow country Metal men like