TOAD, which stands for TAKE OVER AND DESTROY, hail from Phoenix, Arizona and
formed back in 2008. These guys play a very cool Sludge Metal style of music. They are
not the typical sounding Sludge Metal band though. They add in a lot of Black Metal
elements to their sound as well as some Punk and Thrash Metal. The majority of their
sound is slow dark and drone like Sludge Metal. They then throw in some cold and creepy
Black Metal elements, especially in the guitar work. They are at times a bit static sounding
and more chaotic. The Thrash Metal influences are also in the guitar work, but more in the
faster and more flashier parts. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Sludge vocal style with
some throaty and scratchy Black Metal screams mixed in. The whole vibe that the band has
is where the Punk influences are present. It's like that old '70's and '80's screw everything
and D.I.Y. attitude. I really dig these guys a lot and want to hear a lot more from them. If
you were to blend together
with some early
IMMORTAL and CROWBAR you would get TOAD!