Sweden's Death Metal monsters TORMENTED are back with their second full length
album "DEATH AWAITS". These guys play a killer old school style of Swedish Death
Metal that was very dominate in the early '90's. Their sound is very raw and aggressive
Death Metal music with a gritty and crusty vibe. Most of the Crust type sounds come
from the guitars. This could also be an influences from the band
TORTYR, which is a
Crust band that these guys play in. The music isn't super fast or anything, but kind of has
that Death 'N' Roll or even Doom / Sludge Metal feel to it. I dig bands that change things
up a bit and these guys have done that. They have taken the well known and loved Death
metal sound that Sweden is known for and twisted and injected some Crust, Doom, Sludge
with a tricked out groove. There is almost a D.I.Y. late '70's Punk Rock feel to their music
as well. This is my first time hearing
TORMENTED and I am loving what I am hearing.
These guys have taken something that is very familiar and made it fresh again, but having
an old school feel. Everyone should pick up this release and blast it over and over again.
Trust me, you'll love being