TORTHARRY is a crushing Death Metal band hailing from the Czech Republic. These
guys have been destroying the underground Metal scene since 1991. The play a killer old
school style of Death Metal music with more modern technical Death Metal mixed
within. The music has a mid '90's Floridian Death Metal sound mixed with a European
Death Metal style. The more modern technical sounds are more of a Deathcore style that
also has a European feel. I like that these guys mix things up, but still have a cool Czech
Republic Death Metal sound even with the other influences mixed within. At Times,
especially when the music gets a lot faster you can almost hear some Grindcore elements
coming to the surface. This reminds me of a lot of the Grindcore bands that were coming
out of Prague and Czech Republic in the mid '90's. They have a lot of blasts, grinds,
hooks and breakdowns all through out their songs, which help pull you in and get you
slamming. The vocals are done in a mid ranged thick Death Metal growl with some other
more throaty and groggy Death growls mix in. These guys have been around for a long
time in the Death Metal scene and deserve a lot more attention than they have gotten.
Each new offering they put out is better than the previous. "FOLLOW" is by far the
bands most brutal and daggressive Death Metal release to date. Everyone, especially
Death Metal fans should have at least one release, if not all releases from
in their collection. By far one of the most under rated and great bands to ever come out of
Czech Republic.