Italian Progressive Metal band TRAGODIA is back with thier third full length release
entitled "MYTHMAKER". These guys have been creating their amazing sounds since
1996. The band, like most, have gone through changes over the years. The band has
progressed into a pure machine of creativity and musicianship. They have a very advanced
and well crafted Progressive Metal style. They do add in some elements of Gothic Metal
from time to time that come out in the darker, more creepy parts. They kind of reminded
me of a darker and colder Progressive version of
DISTURBED but with much better
writing and songs with a more technical sound. I know this sounds weird, but that's how it
comes across to me. Some of the way the songs sound reminded me of them and when
vocalist Francesco Lupi gets a little more melodic he reminded me of David Draiman a lot.
They add in much more variety, by adding in some more melodic and different toned vocals
with some harsher vocals mixed in as well. The band itself is very, very much more
advanced then them though and the Gothic touches make them stand out a bit too. They
have a bit more of a Thrash & Speed Metal sound within the guitars through out. This was
my favorite part of the bands sound because it takes that Thrash / Speed Metal sound to a
whole new level, by add in the Progressive Metal elements. If you like your Progressive
Metal a little dark and tinged with touches of Thrash / Speed / Gothic Metal then your
going to love what
TRAGODIA has created. These guys change your way of looking at
Progressive Metal music!