TRAMORTIRIA is an Italian Thrash Metal band that plays in the American Thrash
Metal tradition. The band formed in 2002 and after many years of frustration a few
demos "WRATH AMONG THE DEAD", their first full length has been unleashed for
public consumption. These guys have been struggling & pissed off for many years and it
shows in this release. The Thrash style they have created is done in the form of old
school Thrash Metal from the eighties. They remind me of a cross between Bay Area and
New Jersey Thrash Metal. There is a ton of fast paced riffing all through out. It's pure
blazing Thrash non-stop from beginning to end. Mid to high ranged Thrash screaming
vocals round the bands sound out. It's ashame that after all these years this is the only
thing we have from this killer Thrash band out of Italy. All old school Thrash Metalers,
must pick this CD up. It will take you back to the glory days of the rise of Thrash!