TRANSIENT is a female fronted Grindcore band that formed in 2008 out of Portland,
Oregon. These guys and gal play a very raw and highly intense old school style of
Grindcore music. The music has a strong Hardcore influence done with a Punk Rock
attitude. The band goes all out with spastic Grindcore mayhem and beats the shit out of
everyone listening. There are some areas in the songs that actually have a strong groove,
but at a hyper speed. There are some slight breakdowns and stop and start parts mixed
within as well. They barley ever slow things down and if they do it's only for a split
second and then they hit you with a wall of chaos again. There is also a lot of spastic Noise
type parts in the songs too. There is no way you would ever be able to tell there is a female
vocalist. Krysta Martinez's vocals are more aggressive, heavier and more insane than most
of the male vocalist that sing the same style. If you like you Grindcore heavy as hell,
spastic and a lot of rawness that is laced with Hardcore elements, has a Punk Rock attitude
and some Experimental Noise thrown in, then your going to love