TRIARCHY is a three way split release between the bands PICTURE ANN, SAGNTID
& VORNOFF. The bands are all different musical projects from the artist J.N. The tracks
on this release are all unreleased material from those projects. The first six tracks are from
PICTURE ANN. PICTURE ANN is a dark experimental type Metal project that has a lot
of Gothic Metal overtones. The music sounds like it would be the background music for a
lot of the
HAMMER FILMS from the '70's. For the most part it is dark and dreary
sounding with some mid to low end Goth like male vocals. Tracks seven through nineteen
are done by
SAGNTID. This is a bit more different then the other projects. This has a
little bit more experimental aspects to it, but still done in the dark Gothic type style. At
times this is a bit more spacey and atmospheric sounding and could even lean a little more
towards Black Metal at times. Sometimes the music has a bit of the Drone and Doom
Metal feel to it as well. The last three tracks are by
creepier and colder sounding music and also has a bit of that vibe of being the background
music for a lot of the
HAMMER FILMS of the '70's. I liked the darker and more Horror
vibe that
VORNOFF portrays in their music. This could also be a blend of Gothic & Black
Metal type music. I really like what J.N. does with his projects and it is nice to see
someone with a lot of talent doing something different. If you have never heard any of his
projects over the years then you must get this killer album that shows some of the great
work he has created!