TRIGGER is a Russian Death Metal band that started back in 2004. "APOCALYPSE
TOMORROW" is the bands first full length album & their follow up to their "KILLER
MACHINES" EP. These guys have been around for nearly ten years and only two releases
to show for it. This is a shame, because these guys are a killer Death Metal band. I thought
from the band logo, album cover and song lyrics, that they would be a Thrash Metal band,
but their not. They play a '90's style of Death Metal music that sounds more like it would
come from the U.S. than Russia. There are some really cool guitar grooves that run through
out most of their songs. You can actually hear some Thrash Metal influences in them at
times. The thick bass and drum sounds are really the backbone of the bands sound and
really the driving force. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growl style that is at
times a slow drag and others fast and more aggressive. They are a mix between
& ENTOMBED styled vocals with a little BOLT THROWER mixed in. It is
a shame these guys only have two releases out, because they are an amazing Death Metal
band and one of the best Metal acts I have heard come out of Russia in a long time. These
guys are definitely worth checking out! Death Metal fans won't be disappointed!