Does U.D.O. really need to be explained? These guys have been around for over 25 years
now and have put out great album after great album of great German Heavy Metal music.
These guys may play Traditional Heavy Metal but they add in touches of Power Metal &
Thrash Metal into their sound as well. I have always liked
U.D.O. and thought that they
were Germany's answer to
JUDAS PRIEST. Not that they are as great as JUDAS
, but like they were their distant German cousins. They just have that same vibe
of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that came out in the late 70's & early 80's. If your
not familiar with this band than you may remember lead singer Udo's previous band
ACCEPT. This 2 CD collection contains bonus tracks, alternate versions, rare tracks,
previously unreleased, guest tracks, covers and much more. This is a killer trek through
some of the bands history. You must get this album if you are a die hard
U.D.O. fan. If this
is the first album you pick up from these guys and you dig then your going to love the rest
of their catalog. Metal for life!!!