Poland's Death Metal giants ULCER return with their newest offering "GRANT US
DEATH", which contains 10 songs of Swedish influenced Death Metal. These guys have
been cranking out the mayhem since 2006 and have gotten better and better with each new
album. They have a very raw and aggressive old school classic Swedish Death metal style.
The music is very thick and harsh sounding, just the way I like it. I love the fact that even
though their sound is strongly planted in Death Metal they add in touches of other Metal
styles. The two other styles that are very much present are Black Metal & Thrash Metal.
The Black Metal comes into play in the cold rawness that tends to blanket their sound, giving
it a kind of D.I.Y. old school European Black Metal vibe. When the Thrash Metal comes to
the for front is when the guitars dominate a part of the song and it's just shredding riff after
shredding riff. The vocals are done mid ranged harsh Death / Black Metal type growls. Add
in all the Horror themed lyrics and you have a very complete package of great Polish /
Swedish influenced Death Metal. These guys are a must for fans of
& WITCHERY & just about every band on
DEATHGASM RECORDS. This is a great all around old school Death / Thrash / Black
Metal band. Highly recommended!!!