ULCERATE is a three piece Death Metal band from Auckland, New Zealand. These guys
have been honing their craft since 2002 and ever evolving their sound. "VERMIS" is the
bands fourth album release and first on
RELAPSE RECORDS. These guys play death
Metal music, but in a weird technical Doom Metal infused way. The music is extremely
heavy sounding and quite involved, but it kind of drags on in a slow Sludge / Drone Metal
way. There is a thickness to their music that most Drone Metal bands have, but then they
speed things up a bit to inject all the Death Metal music. If you took the weight of the
world and dropped it down on your ears and then just kept struggling to stay alive, this is
the same equalvaliant to the heaviness of
ULCERATE. There are some spots in their
music that have that gritty old school dirty European Black Metal feel as well. The vocals
are done in a mid ranged,thick and throaty Death Metal growl that at some points is long
and drawn out like in Doom Metal music. These guys are in no way the typical Death
Metal band, but they will pull in a lot of Death Metal fans for sure. "VERMIS" is one hell
of a listen and will take you a while to recover after your done. Some of the heaviest stuff I
have ever heard and one of the best bands to emerge from New Zealand!