ULTRA VIOLENCE is a young Thrash Metal band emerging out of Turin, Italy back in
2009. These guys have only been together for a few years, but after one listen you would
find that very hard to believe. They play an old school throw back style of Thrash Metal
music. Their sound sounds like it came right out of the late '80's. The music has a lot of
Speed Metal inter mixed with the Thrash Metal. I have been listening to this a lot and keep
thinking they would have been huge in the late '80's with the first Thrash Metal movement
started. The guitars are super fast shredding, with some good crunchy grooves and all out
high speed grinding. The guitars bring to mind bands like
& some late CARCASS. The drums have a solid fast paced beat that reminded
me of
SLAYER meets TESTAMENT with some EXODUS mixed in. The vocals is where
I hear some of the new school coming in to play. They reminded me of
HAVOK meets
MUNICIPAL WASTE & TRIVIUM. They are bit gritty and aggressively raw Thrash
vocals. I grew up in the '80's when Thrash Metal was first born, so I love a lot of these
newer bands that are emerging and playing this classic Thrash style.
could hold their own with any of the big four from back in the day as well as some of the
others mentioned above. One of the best Thrash Metal bands I have heard in awhile.
"PRIVILEGE TO OVERCOME" has already gotten a lot of play in my collection and I am
sure it will get much more! I loved this band!!!