UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN hails from Chile and play Black / Death Metal
music. These guys take their name from the fictional
H.P. LOVECRAFT book mentioned
in Robert E. Howard's book "THE BLACK STONE". The not correct German and stands
for "Unspeakable Cults". These guys go back to the old school and pull forth lots of
influences from both the Black Metal and Death Metal genres. I can hear a lot of the old
school 90's brutal Death Metal being brought out. There are elements of the German,
Italian and United States Death Metal scene from the 90's being heard. They take on that
fast paced brutal blasting sound that was very popular back then. The music is relentless.
It feels like a twenty ton hammer just pummeling you with each new song. Where the
Black Metal parts come into play are in the cold and harshness of their sound. It sounds
like something you would hear being played during a black mass cult ritual. There is some
fuzzy guitars with tinges of almost Funeral / Doom Metal, but played at a faster speed.
The vocals crossover into both genres as well. There are lower ended thick and throaty
Death growls mixed with harsh, cold slightly higher Black Metal growls. These guys
would please any fan of both genres, but only if you like the old school 90's stuff. Fans of
the newer bands in these genres might not be into it. Check this underground band out and
throw those horns up and hail Satan!!!


                                                                                                   - Reviewed by Burt Wolf