Starring: Felicity Mason, Mungo McKay, Rob Jenkins, Lisa Cunningham, Dirk Hunter & more.

This is an Australian horror film that throws in a  little comedy, action & sci fi. When a small
Australian town is hit with a meteor shower strange things start  to happen. The towns folks are
turned into flesh eating zombies. They start attacking every human they can get to. A small group of
people take refuge in a farm house to fend the zombies off. The owner of the farm house is the town
"crazy" who was abducted by aliens. He is the one who stays calm & destroys all these zombies,
while everyone else is panicking. There is a twist at the end that ties everything back to the alien
abduction of the town "crazy". This was a decent film that had a lot of good gore & comedy parts all
through out. This is well worth the viewing!