UNISONIC is a melodic Power Metal / Hard Rock band from Hamburg, Germany
which emerged on the scene back in 2009. They play an amazing symphonic Metal that
reminds me of
DRAGONFORCE, but with better music hooks. An A+ to the music
writers. It's ever so tight and precise, especially on track six "Night Of The Long
Knives". The vocal style is dead on amazing with such range and diversity of their style.
UNISONIC is reminisce of QUEENSRYCHE comes to mind, but more daring and
hungry as in the first EP
QUEENSRYCHE we all so loved. There are twelve tracks on
this slab, "LIGHT OF DAWN". I thought when listening, it was ending on track eleven,
but one more takes you over the edge....and we all will follow this band!!!! This is one
for fans of
HELLOWEEN, IRON SAVIOR & GAMMA RAY should make an effort
to check out.


                                                      - Reviewed by Roddy Heybaker - Metal Enthusiast