Self Released

UNTIL DAWN comes to us from Alberta, Canada and formed back in 2010. In their short
three years of existence the guys have really built a name for themselves in their native
Canada. "HORIZON" is the bands second release and they are planning to take it to the
rest of the world. They play a Modern Metal style that encompasses many other Metal
elements in their sound. They have a really strong Thrash Metal sound, but it's not the
typical Thrash Metal sound because of the other elements present. These Thrash Metal
parts come out mostly in the guitars, which tend to dominate the majority of their songs.
They add in a lot of Metalcore influences as well. This comes in some of the way the
songs are laid out and arranged. They tend to have a fast grooved out part that flows into a
heavy more brutal part and then a slower more melodic part will come in. This is the
formula that a lot of Metalcore bands use. There are some lower more aggressive parts
where Death Metal influences shine through. The vocals follow right along with the music
going from a mid ranged throaty Thrash Metal vocal to a lower more gritty thick
Metalcore growl / scream and then a clean and melodic vocal style. I am a fan of the
Metalcore sound, but have been getting a little burnt on it because of the scene being
flooded with too many bad bands.
UNTIL DAWN is not one of them. They may fit in
that genre, but with the different elements and arrangements they have they will stand out
from the pack. Killer Metalcore with a ton of Thrash Metal thrown in the mix. Check
these guys out and see for yourself!