UNZUCHT is a German Industrial / Metal band that formed back in 2009. The name
FORNICATION in English. These guys have released a few EP's and one previous
full length "MORTAL SIN 8" prior to "ROSENKREUZER". Their music is done in the
Industrial Metal genre, but they add in a lot of Gothic and Dark Wave music as well. There
is that cold and harsh Industrial sound that runs through their songs, but it's not as harsh as
a lot of Industrial music that comes out of Germany. There is a strong atmospheric sound
that encompasses the majority of their sound, which helps give them a softer Industrial
sound. The darker and more cold passages is where the Gothic Metal comes into play. The
vocals are done in a melodic and dark Gothic clean sound with some harsher more
aggressive Industrial Metal vocals inter mixed. I really liked these guys a lot and dig the
way they smoothly mixed these styles together. They reminded me of a lighter more
Gothic version of fellow country men
RAMMSTEIN mixed with newer NINE INCH
. This is partly because they sing the songs in their native German rather than
English. Even if your not a big fan of Industrial music you should still check
out, because they are not the typical German Industrial band!