Starring: Kate Mara, Roberto Vito, Tina Lifford, Ed Marinaro, Michael Coe & more.

This is the newest addition to the
URBAN LEGENDS films. This one is about a girl from the 60's
that was treated like crap by a football player. He drugs her & then attacks her. When he  chases
after her he hits her & she falls & hits her head on a table. He thinks he kills her & hides the body in
a trunk. In the present day kids from the same school start dying in some bizarre & ghastly deaths.
They can't explain it until they figure out it's the ghost of Mary coming back to kill the children of
those who had anything to do with the fatal night. The story was a decent common one, but the
acting was a bit cheesy, as well as some of the special effects. Maybe worth one viewing, but there
are better flicks out there! Not the best one in this series!