Coming in galloping like a rabid, Thrash-itized,
IRON MAIDEN, Spain’s VX aim to
maim with  “SENSE PITAT”, their 4 track EP released independently in 2013 and now
being unleashed on CD by the Ukrainian
obviously, from moment number one, Thrash Metal is our instrument herein, and wield it
with a fierce vengeance,
VX do. Following two other independent releases,
PIETAT” is tight in execution and relentless in its assault. Never really slowing, even a
bit, it just steam rolls along like an updated “INFERNAL OVERKILL” era
DESTRUCTION, both in the pace of the music and the soloing, which is dripping with
Mike from
DESTRUCTION’s distinct “trills galore” style. Many will surely point out
that the
VX’s release treads no new ground, especially this far into Thrash Metal
evolution, but honestly, what DOES tread new ground?  Furthermore, who the hell
cares??  Since when is originality the only factor by which a band‘s material can be
measured?. These guys play straightforward, mid 1980s era, Teutonic-styled Thrash
Metal, they play it with conviction and obvious passion.  Being a long time fan of bands
DESTRUCTION, I never get tired of releases like this, and I could listen to what
some may call “unoriginal” all day long, especially if its done this well. They plow
through from song to song, no intros or outros and pretty much, at the same break-neck
pace and, as I said before, tight as a dolphin’s anal sphincter. Finally bulldozing through a
spirited cover of the
RAZOR “EVIL INVADERS” LP classic “Iron Hammer”, their more
mid-eighties German Thrash Metal sound giving life again to an unmitigated classic.
Since landing in the Metal world more than 30 years ago, Thrash Metal has been stretched
in every which way imaginable and then come around again and again, always to find a
new generation of kids ready and willing to pick up where the old guard left off and give
their own voice to Thrash Metal history.  There are only so many places a genre of music
can go before said music is no longer in THAT genre. Those out there, who like me, could
listen to
DESTRUCTION’s deadly disciples until the cows come home should definitely
take effort to try and hear this. These Metal dogs do it the way it was meant to be done.


                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe