Starring: Agnes Bruckner, David Moscow, Scott G Anderson, Arjay Smith, Trevor Wright & more.

This is the sequel to the original film, but it actually takes place before the other film. It's supposed
to show you how these guys got started with the killing they did in the original film. The guys that
worked at the Motel were secretly video taping the guest & watching them. They catch a guy on film
having sex with a young lady, then he starts beating her & then eventually kills her too. They start
freaking out & don't know what to do. The guys finds out that they know & convinces them to work
with him. He will lure the people in & torture & kill them, while they video tape it. Then they sell
the videos on the black market. This young couple discovers it & they try to get the authorities
involved, but come to find out they have a part in the whole thing as well. This was a decent film by
itself, but doesn't have a lot to do with the first film.