Born back in 2003 out of Mammoth Lakes, California comes VALDUR with their newest
offering "AT WAR WITH". These guys play some really harsh and cold Black Metal
music, which is hard to believe since they are from California. They sound like they are
from some unknown European country out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by
nothing but forests, mountains and darkness, lots of darkness. Their music takes you back
to the birth of Black Metal music of the late '80's and early '90's. This is when Black Metal
was raw, aggressive, cold and gritty and down right evil sounding. It was just in it's early
stages and was only known by the few who were truly underground and searched it out.
This is when I became a fan of the genre. I would love discovering new bands from all over
the world by having to actually write to these bands on paper and send it out through the
mail, hoping to get a response.
VALDUR plays dark and cod Black Metal at it's core. They
have a really dirty raw sound, which I love. It sounds like these guys created music for
themselves and don't really care if anyone else would be into it. The some what noisy
guitars are mixed with burned out drum beats that just sound like they are summoning up as
much pure evil as they can. The vocals of Samuel are mid to low ranged Black Metal
haunts with some raw throaty growls mixed in. It seems like a lot of bands these days are
going back to the original Black Metal formula and these guys are doing better than most
that have created it.
VALDUR is one of the better bands to come out of the United States
that is playing this old school Black Metal style, but unfortunately many people won't
ever get to experience them. I strongly urge you to seek this gem out and spread the word,
cause these guys deserve to be heard by as many loyal true Black Metal fans as possible!
VALDUR is the proof that Europe are not the only ones to spawn some truly great old
school Black Metal music.