VALKNACHT plays some of the finest Pagan Black Metal music to come out of Canada.
"LE SACRIFICE D YMIR" is the bands third full length release and their best so far,
which is saying a lot from the amazing releases that have come before it.
plays a very well constructed and orchestrated style of Black Metal music. Their music
pulls from both new and old school Black Metal. There are some harsher more aggressive
and raw parts that reminded me of a lot of the European Black Metal bands of the mid
'90's. Then the more orchestrated parts have a bit of a newer Black Metal vibe. I can even
hear some Folk Metal elements present all through out as well. There are some ultra fast
blasting parts that merge with the slower more melodic parts. I love the fact the vocals
merge both styles of Black Metal as well. There are some really harsh throaty Black Metal
growls mixed with some slightly cleaner ones as well as some almost chant along ones. I
kept thinking of
DIMMU BORGIR mixed with MAYHEM crossed with CRADLE OF
with touches of ENSIFERUM & IMMORTAL mixed in. These guys are simply
an amazing Pagan Black Metal band from the song writing, song structures, lyrics and
skilled musicianship. I know Canada isn't exactly a hot bed for good Black Metal bands, as
some other parts of the world, but I have been hearing a lot of killer bands coming out of
Canada and
VALKNACHT is definately one of them. I would highly recommend these
guys to any fan of Black Metal music, especially the bands mentioned above. One of the
best bands playing this style that i have heard in a long time!