Starring: Dedee Pfeifer, Grace Jones, Billy Drago, Brad Logan, Robert Rusler & more.

Two college buddies are trying to get into a specific fraternity & tell them they will get a stripper to
come to the house & put on a show. They don't have any money or a car, so they go to the rich
Asian kid at the school. He says he will give them what they want if they will be is friend & let him
tag along. They find some out of town strip club in the middle of no where. The club isn't your
typical strip club though. What they soon come to realize is that everyone that works at the club is
a Vampire. When one of the friends is bitten, they need to figure out how to help him & to survive
through the night & get home. This is a campy horror comedy that is a little before it's time! It has
since become a cult film and is well deserving of it's following!!! A must see film!