"RELICS OF SULPHUR SALVATION" is the third full length release from Sweden's
VANHELGD. The band started back in 2007 and have been playing unrelenting brutal
Death Metal ever since. These guys have a bit of a different Death Metal sound than most
would think from Sweden. Their music is full on Death Metal, but is laced with some
Black Metal and Doom Metal elements through out. They have that killer Death n Roll
grooved out sound like
ENTOMBED, but a bit darker. This is where some of the Black
Metal comes into play. There's a cold gritty Black Metal vibe that reminds me of a lot of
the old school European Black Metal bands from the '90's. They then throw in some
slightly slower Sludge / Doom Metal parts that drag along and then quickly throw you
back in to the aggressive blasting parts. The fast paced and sometimes static like guitars
tend to give their sound a Black metal vibe at times. The part that has the most Black
Metal influence, in my opinion is the vocals. They mix a blend of thick low ended Death
growls with some hallowed and haunting Black Metal growls. This is a must for fans of
the original Swedish Death Metal scene, but want a bit more bang for their buck!!!