VELOCIDAD ABSURDA is a brutal Death Metal band from Spain. They formed back in
1997 and split up in 2004. They later reformed in 2010. "INEXORABLY DOOMED TO
CATACLYSM" is the bands second full length release. Their form of Death Metal
balances on the border of being almost Grindcore music. The music is ultra fast, blasting
and spastic sound Death Metal. The spastic blasts and noisiness of the bands sound is
why I say they could almost be a Grindcore band. The music, even though it's spastic is
very tight and clean sounding. They remind of a lot of the Death Grind bands that were
coming out of the Czech Republic back in the 90's. The band has been joined by a new
bassist on the release and pushed the old bassist over to vocals. The vocals are done in a
low ended thick Death gurgle style with some mid ranged thick Death growls as well as a
few pig squeals here and there. This is definitely not one for the weak! You've been warned!