Self Released

VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is a one man project from David Vora out of Ireland. He
does all the music himself. He does the vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano, music & lyrics.
David kind of plays an Experimental type music that adds in some elements of Metal,
Punk, Noise and Indie styles. The music comes off more like and art performance type
piece as the vocals are done in a kind of spoken word style. The music is all over the place
at times and has a lot of noise and weird experimental stuff going on. It reminded me of a
person standing out on the street in front of a government building doing a speech with
some music behind them. He states on the inside cover that this album is a musical
journey mainly for his own pain and pleasure rather than for the listener. I have been
reviewing many of David's releases over the years and this one was not one of my
favorites of his, but the above statement from him may be why. This was more of an
expression for him, rather than us the listener to like it. This maybe why i couldn't really
get into this new offering. His style isn't for everyone, but I do look forward to every time
I get one of his releases in the mail. If you have a very open mind when it comes to
Experimental music then check out