Self Released

David Vora is back yet again, with another VENUSIAN DEATH CELL release. This is
his one man band project of Experimental Metal music. As I have said in the past, this
will not be for everyone, but everyone should give it a listen. David does all the
instruments, lyrics and recording himself. It sounds like it is done in a small room on a
simple recording device and all done in one take. All of his releases sound like they are
rehearsal demos. The sound reminded me of a lot of demos I would get back in the day of
tape trading. It almost sounds like he is going crazy at times, because it will be a nice
smooth beat and spoken word style singing and then he goes into some spastic screaming
and yelling. I always though his releases reminded me of open mic night of slam poetry
with experimental music behind it. It has that kind of feel to it through out. At times he
does have some pretty decent songs and others they are just all over the place. I am not a
big fan of this style of music, but I always enjoy giving it a listen or two. Check it out if
you have an open mind, a very open mind.

                                                                                                   - Reviewed by Burt Wolf