Self Released

David Vora is back once again with his one man project VENUSIAN DEATH CELL. He
hails from Ireland and has been doing this weird Experimental band for many years now
and he keeps churning out release after release. David once again has done all the stuff on
this release from the lyrics, vocals and instruments. The music is done in a weird
Experimental style that mixes in some elements of Metal, Punk, Grindcore and more. The
music sounds like it was recorded in one take and done on a low budget recording device
in his bedroom, but this adds to the Experimental style of his music. His vocal style is
very unique as well with touches of Black Metal, Punk and Spoken Word style. It also
has a weird echo on the vocals which adds more to the Experimental aspect. This release
was written and tracked in August & October of 2015, but recently released. I don't think
his music and style would not be for everyone, but give it a try before you make up your