Self Released

VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is a very different sounding Experimental Metal band. The
band is a one piece project done by David Vora. I believe David does all the instruments
and song writing in this project. I have been reviewing a lot of his releases over the years
and they seem to be getting better each time., They do sound like they are recorded on a
tape recorder in his bedroom or something, but that doesn't matter much. The music is done
in an Experimental type Metal / Rock style. A lot of the time they sound like rehearsals or
practice sessions. The majority of the tracks are done with just him doing vocals and
playing guitar. The vocal style he has is more of a spoken word style of singing and some
times remind me of people at a protest spewing their speeches to the crowd, with some
music in the back ground. I have always appreciated when some one does something
different and this is definitely different. David keeps pouring out the releases and spreading
his Experimental madness to the world. Check him out for yourself to get the full