Self Released

VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is a one man solo project from the mind of David Vora.
David has been creating his music since 1989 and plays all the drumming & guitar tracks,
plus writes and sings all the songs. I have been reviewing releases from him for many years
now and he seems to be getting better and better with each new release. The music he plays
is a little hard to explain at times. It doesn't really fit into one specific category. He plays
an almost mix of Punk / Metal / Rock & Indie. There is also a lot of Experimental type
music going on in his songs. There are a lot of noise & static sounds mixed all through out.
The way he sings is almost done in a spoken word type style and reminds me of a lot of
the stuff you would see in an open mic night at a Indie coffee house or art house place.
These songs aren't the best written or most memorable, but are the better ones I have heard
from him. This will definitely not be for everyone, but people with open minds and like
things that are way far from the norm will probably get into this. David has a lot of
releases out and I'm sure would love to share them with anyone interested. Check him out
and experience the mind of David Vora