Self Released

VENUSIAN DEATH CELL out of Ireland is a one man project that comes from the
twisted and crazed mind of David Vora. David has been pouring out release after release
over the years and doesn't seem to get any more sane. The music is a bit hard to describe,
but here it goes. It's a mix of Experimental, Noise, Art, Punk & Death Metal all mixed
together. There is a bit of a darkness that kind of blankets the sound which at times give a
bit of a Black Metal feel. The music is all over the place and at times David tends to sound
like a deranged maniac sitting in a room and trying to destroy his instruments because he
can't go out and kill someone. The music is also very raw and sounds like it's done as a
rehearsal in a basement on a home recording system. Some of Davids stuff have a decent
sound to it, but it goes all over the place and it seems like it would be a small audience that
will get into this. If you have an open mind and can dig some crazy out there Experimental
performance Art / Noise music than your going to love what he is doing. I know he is really
passionate about what he's doing as he puts out a new release every few months. If you get
a chance check out the madness and judge for yourself!!!