Self Released

"LIED" is yet another of the, what seems like 100's of releases from VENUSIAN
. David Vora is the man behind this band, who does all the instruments,
recording and artwork for this one man project.
weird Experimental style of music that almost has a mix between Punk & Metal. The
work is mostly just guitars in a some what mid paced rhythm style. The guitars have a bit
of a fuzz or buzz sound on them that sounds like an old guitar from the 60's playing
through a really old amp from then as well. The reason the Punk influences are mentioned
is because of the raw and kind of do it yourself vibe they give of and the fact the they
kind of have a spastic pattern to them at times. Most of the tracks on this release are
done as instrumentals, but there are some with vocals. David also does all the vocals and
lyrics to the songs too. His vocals are done in an almost talking style with some mixed in
Death Metal growls and Punk like screams. This will not be for everyone, but those with
an open mind and that like Experimental type music will surely dig this one. Check it out
if you can. There are a ton of
VENUSIAN DEATH CELL releases out there. There is
three cover tracks on the album as well, including a

                                                                                                   - Reviewed by Burt Wolf