Self Released

VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is back with another release of crazy Experimental music.
VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is from Ireland and is a one man band that is David Vora.
David plays all the instruments, does all the vocals and has written all the songs. David
plays some very Experimental music that mixes elements of Punk, Metal, Indie and more.
The music is done very raw and is done in a very D.I.Y. style. It sounds like it was done
in one take and recorded in his bed room or basement. His vocals are done in a mixture of
raw gritty Black Metal with some fast Punk screams and some clean Spoken Word type
vocals. A lot of his releases sound the same, but it is defiantly a unique sound and style,
that will make him stand out. There are 8 tracks total on this release. There is a cover of
SLAYER's song "Piece By Piece" as well as an unreleased track from 2006 called "Sick
Song". This is definitely not for everyone, but give it a chance before you rule it out.