Self Released

The one man project VENUSIAN DEATH CELL is back with another release. David
Vora is the man behind this crazy project. The project is a mesh of a few different styles
all put together. He blends in elements of Metal, Pop, Punk, Spoken Word and
Experimental. The music, as most of the releases he puts out sound like they were
recorded in a small room and done on one take. The music is all written and performed by
David himself, as well as all the lyrics. The music has a very raw do it yourself vibe that
reminds me of some Punk demos I have heard from back in the late 70's and early 80's. The
guitars sounds like an experimental Metal style but played in a more simplified way.
David's vocals are done in a mid ranged Metal style with some lower ended Death growls,
but you can understand them. Then he will throw in some Spoken Word type vocals along
with some repetitive screaming Punk like vocals. This will not be for everyone out there,
but some can grab on and appreciate what he has created.

                                                                                                    - Reviewed by Burt Wolf